Brand Therapy & Design

Are you feeling disconnected from your brand? Do you need more cohesive collateral? I’ll help you create an identity that matches the personality and goals of your brand.

What You Get…

1 Comprehensive brand concept

2 logo variations (primary & secondary)

3 supporting collateral pieces 

Typeface recommendations

Colour palette

Timeframe: 3 Weeks
Price: From $300

Events Package

Brand your event with hand picked designs that match your theme.

What you get…​


3 supporting collateral piece

Social media images 

Sourcing of print materials according
to your needs

Timeframe: 1-2 Weeks
Price: From $250

Digital PDFs & E-Books

Don’t have time to typeset that document you’ve been working on or that course workbook you’ve lovingly crafted? I can do it for you!

What you get…

1 typeset PDF document up to 50 pages

2 supporting collateral pieces if needed

Timeframe: 1-2 Weeks
Price: From $150


Let's Chat!

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